Monday 3.30 – 5.45pm
Drop-in group for girls aged 8 to 16


The cookery club’s two key objectives are to promote healthy eating and to impart the practical skills and confidence needed to prepare a diverse range of foods.

The group is essential for fostering independence. For many girls, their participation in this club creates an opportunity to do simple things they have never done before, such as baking a cake.

Skills & activities

The girls explore diverse foods, tastes and cooking techniques from around the world. This widens their perspective on cultural diversity and promotes inclusivity. The importance of eating a balanced diet is also emphasised, which reinforces our teaching around developing a positive body image; this group enables us to show our young women how a healthy weight can be achieved by eating the right about of fruit and vegetables and having a sensible approach to sugary and fatty foods.

The girls are taught how to use kitchen utensils safely, ensuring that knives and other potentially hazardous equipment are used responsibly. The theme of ‘financial independence’ is also developed through this group; each week, the girls are guided through a process of budgeting for, and purchasing, the necessary ingredients for a meal.


Present participation: 15 girls attend a weekly, 2.5 hour session, for up to 12 months.

For many girls, cookery club attendance has resulted in:

  • Increased levels of self belief and esteem
  • Recorded improvement in behaviour at school/home
  • Increased knowledge in basic cooking skills
  • Increase in literacy and numeracy skills