After School Club (Mondays 3.30-6pm, Term Time only)
Drop-in group for girls aged 8-16


The after school club’s main objectives are to provide a safe space in which our girls can express and explore their emotions and current life affairs. Activities are aimed at building self-worth and the social skills needed to form stable relationships with others.

Skills & activities

We employ a ‘person centred’ approach, a model which focuses on the needs of the child, rather than a pre-determined agenda. Creative activities (including painting, model making, drama and writing), along with discussions and playing team games are the main tools used. Subjects investigated may include friendships, family, peer pressure, puberty and body image. The girls are encouraged to find effective ways to express their emotions and communicate their needs maturely.

The promotion of co-operation and mutual support are given high priority by the youth workers leading the sessions. Girls are actively involved in planning the sessions and influencing content throughout the term.


Present participation: 12 girls attend a weekly, 2.5 hour session, for up to 12 months.

For many girls, after school club attendance has resulted in:

  • Increased levels of self belief and esteem
  • Recorded improvement in behaviour at school/home
  • Finding better ways of dealing with negative behaviours