Referral process for professionals

Referral process for professionals

Step 1

Local authorities, academies,  and schools will make contact with the school to discuss the placement offer.

Please note the school does not take direct referrals from parent/carers.

Step 2

An interview will be arranged between the family and referring professionals to discuss all aspects of the placement, e.g. attendance, assessments, attainments, pastoral history and any other relevant information.

The school will assess whether we are able to meet the student’s  needs and this information will provide staff in ensuring that the correct academic and pastoral support package will be put in place.

Following a successful  interview, we will contact the referring authority to make a formal placement offer. The family will then be given a start date.

All placements will begin on a trail basis and a review meeting will be arranged between the referee and the school after six weeks to ensure that the placement is going well and to tackle any issues that may have arisen.

Step 3

Risk assessments are carried out on all students and a Home-School Agreement will be put in place at the interview.

Referral information

Please visit the contact page for school contact details.

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