Curriculum Intent 

Our curriculum puts our young women at the centre of our nurturing and caring school, where positive relationships, which are based on mutual trust and respect, are at the heart of everything we do. Our creative and vocational curriculum focuses on building everyday life skills and resilience. The curriculum exposes our students to a range of enriching experiences through different lesson and teaching styles, practical work and engaging resources.

The key principles behind the design of our curriculum are for our students to be confident, independent and resilient.

Curriculum aims

  • be kind, show empathy and compassion whilst valuing diversity
  • be able to achieve academically across the entire curriculum
  • be culturally knowledgeable about our country and our world
  • have aspirations for the future and know that these can be reached through hard work and determination
  • be well prepared for reintegration back to mainstream school and or further education post 16

Ultimately, we want all of our students to be the best version of them selves, and able make a positive contribution to the world they live in.