Young Women’s Hub Framework

Curriculum Content

The Intent of our curriculum

The hub’s primary aim is to support the students transition back into main-stream education. Students are referred to the hub from different schools  and local authorities. Majority of our students have not been in an education setting for a long periods of time. To help support the students to return to main stream education, the hub provides a therapeutic and nurturing environment and offers  bespoke opportunities for students to enrich their personal learning experiences. The staff work closely with the students families, carers, and professional agencies, to fully understand the students individual circumstances, needs, and aspirations and  help develop individual education plans, and one-to-one support for the students, to ensure the most positive outcomes.

One of the  biggest concerns  for the student  is their  attendance and punctuality especially if they have not been in school for a long period of time. Timekeeping is an essential life skill and we work closely with the students and their families to help them in improving their attendance and punctuality by putting strategies in place.

.The Young Women’s Hub is  an  registered education centre for ASDAN and the Prince’s Trust  and through these partners we are able to deliver a range of  academic, vocational courses plus enrichment career opportunities. The aim of delivering vocational courses is to support and develop the skills of  the students who may have struggled in academic subjects previously.

Students are taught a range of National Curriculum subjects. Content may be drawn from earlier Key Stages as appropriate to the students academic needs. Key Skills are introduced to underpin core literacy, communication and life skills.

Subjects taught:-English and  Maths Functional Skills, Science, Art, Humanities, PE, PSHE, SMSC, vocational subjects.

Part of our curriculum intent is to make learning and thinking skills more visible in particular the 4 key areas of:

  1. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  2. Managing Information
  3. Effective Enquiry
  4. Creative Thinking

The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is enhanced by:

  • Work experience placements in partnership with Lewisham council
  • Careers education
  • Enterprise, business & community links

During their time at the Young Women’s Hub, we support the students to:-

  •  re-engaging in their learning.
  • Help develop positive learning behaviours H
  • Help students understand how to become effective learners.
  • Help students to improve their own levels of literacy and numeracy.
  • Develop students’ vocabulary because of the correlation between vocabulary size and life chances.
  • Help students develop transferrable thinking skills and personal capabilities that support reintegration into a mainstream school setting or further education.
  • Prepare and support the student’s for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.
  • Offer qualifications (where relevant) that provide opportunities for progression into further education.

Special Educational Needs

We offer a safe, nurturing and challenging educational environment for students who have special educational needs. Such needs may include:

  • Mild/severe Dyslexia
  • Anxiety
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition (such as Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Moderate global developmental delay
  • Learning difficulties

For students with a Education, Health and Care Plans, the normal legislative framework will be followed. Each student will be provided with their own individual target and learning plan. The plan will be reviewed on a termly basis with the parent/carer. Annual Reviews will be held with a representative of the local authority and relevant professionals .